Rehabilitation (Physical, Occupational, Speech)

Rehabilitation (Physical, Occupational, Speech)

Art of Care’s team of physical and occupational therapists and speech pathologists deliver a superior level of care. Rehabilitation is a crucial aspect to obtain full recovery and our staff works closely to accomplish the patient’s goals. Art of Care brings unbeatable medical care to your doorstep whether it is post-surgery, joint weakness, or post-stroke. Patients with any diagnosis and at any age benefit from receiving rehabilitation services in the comfort of their home.

 Most Common Diagnoses for Rehabilitation at Home:

  •   Amputation
  •   Arthritis
  •   Brain Injury
  •   Cancer
  •   Cardiac Surgeries
  •   Congestive Heart Failure
  •   COPD
  •   General Weakness or Development Issues
  •   History of Falls
  •   Joint Replacement
  •   Multiple Sclerosis
  •   Spinal Cord Injuries
  •   Stroke


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