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Outdoor Activities for Seniors- Art Of Care

Outdoor Activities for Seniors

At Art of Care, Inc we constantly encourage our patients to get moving and stay moving. Activities of daily living (ADL’s) are vital to continue our ability to stay independent in the community. Furthermore, they allow us to stay involved with our family and friends.

Below are some great ideas for seniors to get outside and stay active.

Outdoor craft shows or flea markets – Just about anyone can enjoy these outdoor elderly activities. There are several possibilities here. You may just want to take your loved one on an outing to enjoy the show and perhaps buy something special. Vendors are very eager to share their expertise, so it can also be a valuable learning experience. The senior may also discover a new hobby that could be of interest, and in which to become involved. And you can also load up on inexpensive items to use with your senior activity ideas and projects.

If you are a director within a senior community, organizing a craft show can involve the surrounding community as well. Get the community involved with your facility. It can also serve as a fund raiser if you charge a small amount per booth, and/or a small percentage of the sales. Helping with the many facets of a craft show provide many outdoor elderly activities.

Outdoor theater or concert — Almost all communities, including small towns, have outdoor plays, song fests, or productions of some kind. If you live or work in a communal setting, invite some of the actors or performers to visit, answer questions, and do a little special acting for you. Those in your group who are “hams” may like to also participate. Or if you participate in such a group yourself, consider offering a free performance at a senior center, retirement community, or nursing home. Most activities directors would be thrilled to hear from you.

Flying kites — This is ideal to do with kids, of course, but also in just adult groups. You may even like to build your own kite, including as group outdoor elderly activities. Kits are available ranging from very easy to more advanced. Kites can also be flown from a wheelchair. Keep it simple by just going outside in your own grounds, or have an excursion to a nearby park.

Garden party -– And this is not just for women! Many organizations sponsor these, and you can attend. Or you can host one yourself. Invite a few or many friends. Does your home (or your community building) have a garden or patio? Set it up the old-fashioned way with table cloths, fancy napkins (paper goods are fine if they are high quality and decorative), china, vases of flowers, fancy sweets or savory snacks. Perhaps wine and cheese. Or champagne? Bring out some speakers for music, or go all out and get live entertainment. Make it casual or more formal. Do you want your guests to dress up? The possibilities are endless for these types of outdoor elderly activities.

Picnic – A more casual version of outdoor eating, it can be hosted in a yard, on a patio, or as an outing to a park. Destination outdoor elderly activities are very popular. If you want to keep it simple, do a potluck (if your guests are able to cook). Simple outdoor games are great senior activity ideas to include. See some of ours listed below.

Yard games – Popular outdoor elderly activities include easy games. Games are also a wonderful means of exercise for seniors. If you are planning a group function, consider prizes!

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