Winter Holiday Activities for Elders

As the holidays approaches it important we incorporate seniors in the holiday season fun. There are several activities that are engaging and safe for the elderly. Whether it is your family or you volunteer at an elderly facility, it is important that our seniors take part in the festivities. 

At Art of Care, Inc. we try to send holiday cheer to our patients with greeting cards. 

As a family member or a volunteer there are various activities that you can do with your loved ones ranging from crafts, parties, holiday decorations, and festive food. 

Below are some great winter holiday activities do with the your loved ones or the elders in your community: 

  • Gingerbread houses
  • Tea party
  • Winter Wonderland decorations 
  • Holiday crafts and fairs
  • Sharing cultures and holiday memories
  • Growing flowers such as amaryllis
  • Cooking family traditional recipes


These are some wonderful ideas for the holiday and winter season. 

Please let us know what you ended up choosing to do with your loved ones. 


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