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Celebrating National Garden Month - Art Of Care

Celebrating National Garden Month


April celebrates National Garden Month every year and this year Art of Care, Inc. would like to highlight the benefits for seniors to garden. As a leading home health care provider for primirarly the senior community, we always encourage our seniors to be outside in their home and being active as much as possible. Staying indepedent in the community is achieved by doing as many outdoor activities as your health permits. Gardening is has several excellent benefits for the senior populations. 

There are many creative ways to celebrate National Garden Month. Please consider the below mentioned items and benefit your health and others: 

  1. Plant a row for the hungry: In this land of abundance it's hard to imagine not having access to good quality food at a reasonable price. However, for millions of Americans, finding a healthy meal is not always easy. It's estimated almost 33 million people, including 13 million children, resort to emergency food because they cannot afford to purchase the food they need.You can help those in need by growing extra vegetables in your garden this summer. Plant a Row for the Hungry is a national campaign, sponsored by the Garden Writers Association, to help feed hungry families. The concept is simple. Plant extra produce in your garden and donate it to a local food shelf, shelter, or soup kitchen. It's a great way to help your community, and if you include your kids or grandkids, a valuable life lesson.
  2. Volunteer to plant and maintain a garden at your town library
  3. Deliver houseplants or flowers to a nursing home or children's hospital.
  4. Start a neighborhood garden club

We also know it is important to let our senior population know the benefits physically and emotionally from gardening. Check it out:

·         Skin – fragile, thinning skin makes the elderly susceptible to bumps, bruises and sunburn.

·         Vision – changes in the eye lens structure, loss of peripheral vision and generally poorer eyesight can restrict activities.

·         Mental abilities – mental health, thinking and memory abilities may be affected by dementia and similar conditions.

·         Body temperature – susceptibility to temperature changes and tendency to dehydrate or suffer from heat exhaustion are common concerns with outdoor physical activity for older people.

·         Skeletal – falls are more common because balance is often not as good. Osteoporosis and arthritis may restrict movement and flexibility.

Here are a few safety tips that older people and their carers should follow.

·         Attend to any cuts, bruises or insect bites immediately.

·         Take care in the use of power tools.

·         Secure gates and fences if memory loss is an issue.

·         Ensure that paths and walkways are flat and non-slip.

·         Warm up before gardening and encourage frequent breaks.

·         Prevent sun exposure by working in the garden early in the morning or late in the day. Wear a hat and apply sunscreen frequently.

·         Drink water or juice, and avoid alcohol.

·         Wear protective shoes, lightweight comfortable clothes that cover exposed skin, a hat and gardening gloves.

·         Store garden equipment safely.





For more information, please visit: http://www.nationalgardenmonth.org/index.php?page=101ways


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