Motivational Tip: Self Development

Many people want to be motivated, however, always ask themselves how can I be consistently?

There are several ways to keep uplifting yourself to stay focused, disciplined, and dedicated. I will try to post tips occasionally on how to keep the momentum going. At Art of Care, Inc. we encourage healthy lifestyles for our staff and for our patients. It is vital to maintain a balance that allows you to live a life that you are happy about. Even when work is stressful it is important to reflect on the benefits of your environment, instead of being Negative Nancy or Nathan. 

Below are two tips that are vital to keep yourself motivated.


  • Spend at least one hour a day on self-development. Read good books, listen to inspiring music or tapes. 


  • Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Wisdom helps us avoid making mistakes and comes from making a million of them. 


Have you tried these tips? Have they worked for you? Please feel free to comment and we will check and respond! 

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