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Halloween Fun For The Elderly Community - Art Of Care

Halloween Fun For The Elderly Community

Halloween, also known as All Hallow's Eve, is a holiday celebrated around the world yearly on October 31st. At Art of Care, Inc we know that Halloween is not just a holiday for children; many seniors truly enjoy and celebrate Halloween. You would be surprised at how many seniors dress in a Halloween costume just to pass out candy and goodies to trick-or-treaters. I know my mother and grandmother did.

Below are some great Halloween activities for the elderly community to get involved and celebrate:


Halloween-themed food is fun, easy to make, and perfect for entertaining groups of elderly people, large or small. Bake cupcakes and have them decorate them with orange and black icing. Provide sprinkles and candy corn for decoration as well to make the project even more festive! You could also bake sugar cookies and have the group cut out the dough with Halloween-shaped cookie cutters before baking and decorating them. Candy apples are even easier; just melt caramel, put some apples on sticks, and dip.



There are plenty of game options for seniors that are amazing for Halloween. Halloween Bingo is a great choice for the elderly. You can cute out Halloween themed pieces and use them for the Bingo card. Memory games are another great option for the elderly. Have you ever played games of concentration with a child? Kids seem to be better at recalling matching cards than adults, and games of concentration can be exceptionally challenging for the elderly. The suits, numbers, or colors can be declared as matches to make the games easier, and an entire deck of cards or partial decks can be used, depending on the difficulty level desired. Two decks of matching cards can be used together to create exact matches and larger memory games. Obviously, the fewer number of cards used in conjunction, the easier the memory games for the elderly players.


Craft activities

There are numerous activities the elderly community may partake in during the Halloween season. Pumpkin painting is extremely fun and interactive for seniors. Pumpkin painting is a classic Halloween activity for all ages. It works well for the elderly because there is less need to use fine motor skills.

Cards and card making is another great Halloween activity. Set up a Halloween card-making craft activity. Making Halloween cards allows the seniors to connect with distant relatives and friends. Provide card materials in black, orange and purple. Include decorative scrapbook papers with a Halloween pattern along with Halloween stickers, ribbon and scrapbook embellishments. Providing pre-cut Halloween shapes is a good idea if the participating seniors aren't able to cut easily with scissors. The elderly participants glue the shapes onto the card stock base to create the cards.


It is clear that Halloween is a fun holiday to celebrate for all ages. We hope that families included their elderly loved ones in the celebration!




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