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Helping Seniors Reduce Their Falls- Art Of Care

Helping Seniors Reduce Their Falls




Falls can affect seniors in many ways. At Art of Care, Inc. we strive for our patients to notice the signs of how they can easily fall, so they can reduce the probability of it happening. If a senior falls and is injured, their ability to live independently decreases. Our main goal at Art of Care and in home care in general is to keep the patient independent and comfortable in their home. Even a fall that does not cause an injury can limit confidence and the ability to be comfortable living independently. Read on to learn how anyone can prevent falls and remain safe for independent living.




Why Do We Fall?


  • Environmental Reasons
  • Physical Reasons


Environmental Reasons


Indoor Environment

Outdoor Environment


Physical Reasons


Changes in Our Bodies
Vision Strength & Flexibility
Changes in sleep patterns

Chronic Health Conditions
High blood pressure
Heart Problems
Difficulty controlling bladder

Over the counter
Physician/nurse/pharmacist monitoring



Tips for Preventing Falls


Indoor Lighting
Make sure stairways and hallways have bright light. Always try to use the highest wattage allowed in the bulb. Night lights for those middle of the night trips to the bathroom can make a big difference in preventing falls.

Just having things out of place can cause falls. When objects are out of their normal place, they can be overlooked and tripped over.

Extension cords
Find a way to arrange your furniture so that the extension cords are out of the way.

Lack of handrails
Don’t use the soap or towel holder for a grab bar or handrail. It wasn’t designed to hold the weight of a human being.

Scatter rugs
Be sure all throw rugs or scatter rugs have a non skid backing.

Somehow these precious little creatures manage to get under our feet and can cause a fall. Be aware of where your pet is and be careful when visiting others who have pets too.

Outdoor Lighting
Is just as important as indoor lighting. Use all the available outdoor lights whenever possible. Sensor lights are available that will turn on whenever there’s movement. That’s good for you and bad for intruders.

Lack of handrails
Use handrails on all steps no matter how easy the steps are to climb or how many times you’ve been up and down them before.

Uneven walking surfaces
Be sure to avoid broken sidewalks or areas under construction, if at all possible.

To read the full article, please go to: http://www.wright.edu/nursing/practice/falls/ 


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