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Living with Asthma- Art Of Care

Living with Asthma

Asthma affects more than 30 million Americans. It is very common condition among the elderly. Although there are numerous medications out there to help deal with asthma, Art of Care also believes that it is important to educate our patients to create a healthy environment in order to lessen or prevent future asthma attacks.


Taking steps to reduce your exposure to things that trigger asthma symptoms is a key part of asthma control. Here are some things that may help:


·         Use your air conditioner. Air conditioning reduces the amount of airborne pollen from trees, grasses and weeds that finds its way indoors. Air conditioning also lowers indoor humidity and can reduce your exposure to dust mites. If you don't have air conditioning, try to keep your windows closed during pollen season.


·         Decontaminate your decor. Minimize dust that may worsen nighttime symptoms by replacing certain items in your bedroom. For example, encase pillows, mattresses and box springs in dust-proof covers. Remove carpeting and install hardwood or linoleum flooring. Use washable curtains and blinds.


·         Maintain optimal humidity. If you live in a damp climate, talk to your doctor about using a dehumidifier.


·         Keep indoor air clean. Have a utility company check your air conditioner and furnace once a year. Change the filters in your furnace and air conditioner according to the manufacturer's instructions. Also consider installing a small-particle filter in your ventilation system. If you use a humidifier, change the water daily.


·         Reduce pet dander. If you're allergic to dander, avoid pets with fur or feathers. Having pets regularly bathed or groomed also may reduce the amount of dander in your surroundings.


·         Clean regularly. Clean your home at least once a week. If you're likely to stir up dust, wear a mask or have someone else do the cleaning.


·         If it's cold out, cover your face. If your asthma is worsened by cold, dry air, wearing a face mask can help.




To Read More About This Article, Please Visit: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/asthma/DS00021/DSECTION=lifestyle-and-home-remedies



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    Asthma is such a common condition. These tips are awesome. Working in this field, I also believe that it is important to educate our patients AND employees.

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