MRSA Infections In Hospitals Continue To Rise

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Despite activities to identify and reduce the spread of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and other health care-associated infections in hospitals and health care settings nationwide, new reports released by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) show that MRSA is on the rise and continues to pose an alarming threat. In response, Unotron makers of medical grade, hermetically sealed, fully washable keyboards, and mice, reports dramatic growth in demand for its products.

"The increase of hospital-acquired infections emphasizes the urgent need for medical grade technology in hospitals," states Joseph Carabello, CEO of Unotron, noting that the AHRQ report documents that in 2009, three out of five hospital-acquired infections had increased: Post-operative sepsis rose by 8 percent; post-operative catheter-associated urinary tract infections rose by 3.6 percent; and selected infections due to medical care rose by 1.6 percent.

Unotron products are completely sealed, dishwasher-safe, and can be sprayed with a bleach solution — the only reliable substance that effectively kills lethal germs. The most powerful hospital-grade cleanser can be utilized on the keyboards without corroding the technology or compromising usability.

"Unotron's SpillSeal® protected keyboards have individually sealed keys, providing the touch response users expect while protecting the keyboard from liquid or airborne penetration," adds Carabello. "Compared to similar products, Unotron's keyboards are affordably priced and easier to use and clean without the fear of trapping bacteria in drain holes."


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