Smoking Increases Chances for COPD

Below is a great article regarding COPD and how smoking strongly affected the condition. Several homebound patients suffer from COPD, whether they have smoked in the past or have been smoke-free their entire lives.

This article from Medical News Today provides an informative insight on the condition.

Pipe And Cigar Smoking Strongly Associated With Decreased Lung Function, COPD

Pipe and cigar smoke may be more harmful than once thought. While some believe pipes and cigars are healthier than cigarettes, a major known cause of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a new study directly links pipe and cigar smoking to decreased lung function.

Researchers conducted a population-based study to determine whether pipe and cigar smoking was associated with elevated cotinine levels (the end product of tobacco, which can be detected in the urine), decrements in lung function, and increased odds of airflow obstruction. Among 3,528 participants, those who did not smoke cigarettes but did smoke pipes or cigars were more likely to have airflow obstruction than those who had never smoked.

While cotinine levels among current pipe and cigar smokers were lower than among current cigarette smokers, the relative differences in cotinine levels may reflect differences in nicotine absorption but not necessarily exposure to harmful products of tobacco smoke.

"Our study shows that pipe and cigar smoking is associated with decrements in lung function that are consistent with obstructive lung disease," said R. Graham Barr, MD, Dr.PH, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at Columbia Presbyterian and lead author of the study. "These findings, together with increased cotinine levels in current pipe and cigar smokers, suggest that long-term pipe and cigar smoking may damage the lungs and contribute to the development of COPD. Physicians should consider pipe and cigar smoking a risk factor for COPD and counsel their patients to quit."

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  1. cigna says:

    I also agree with the smoking bans, to an extent. The caveat is always “my rights end where yours begin” which is essentially saying that if I am bothered by someone smoking, they shouldn’t be smoking. This makes sense in places like restaurants (remember the smoking and nonsmoking sections that were only separated by a 4-foot tall barrier?) but not so much in the open air. Heck – sometimes when I’m driving I can smell someone smoking AHEAD of me on the highway driving @ 70 MPH! That said, I fully support people’s right to smoke. I don’t smoke, but my father did and it killed him. I support the right to smoke just as I support my right to eat a cheeseburger or go skydiving. Everyone that thinks it’s cool and fun to jump on the antismoking bandwagon, just wait until your wonderful government deems your activities as unhealthy and starts taxing/banning them.

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