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Medicare supplemental insurance- Art Of Care

Medicare supplemental insurance

For those sixty-five or older, Medicare provides substantial health insurance benefits-whether you are retired or still working. Medicare is designed to cover part of your expenses for short-term, acute medical problems rather than long-term conditions requiring custodial care. It pays for hospitalization, surgery, doctor bills, home health care and skilled nursing care considered to be medically necessary and within reasonable cost limits. Medicare coverage is divided into two parts. Part A is hospital insurance. If you are eligible, you can enroll without a charge. However, if you are not covered by Social Security, you must pay part of the premium. When you apply for Social Security, you automatically apply for Medicare. Medicare part B is a medical insurance program covering charges from doctors, surgeons and other outpatient providers, as well as fees for medical supplies. Part B is optional if you are eligible for part A.

To take advantage of part B you must pay a monthly premium. For additional information on Medicare, consult an insurance agent or broker.

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